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    jennaaaaah asked: Hi! Is Greek life big at Northeastern? I'm a little nervous about joining a sorority and want to make sure I can have a social life without joining one! Thanks!!


    Hi! Fraternity and sorority life ranges from 10-13 percent here on campus. It’s there if you’re looking, but not overpowering if you’re not. You will definitely have a social life without joining one! For example, I joined a sorority during my third year at Northeastern.  For my first 2.5 years at school, I made incredible friends, and had an absolutely great time. When I joined a sorority, I also made some incredible friends in addition to the other aspects of my social life :) 

    Hope this helped! Let me know if you have any more questions. 

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    A Week-Long Glimpse Into the Life of a Northeastern Student: Tuesday/Wednesday

    Oops, I got all caught up in work yesterday that I didn’t have a chance to blog. 

    But…as a special hump-day treat, I’ll start off with an embarrassing picture of me and a camel almost biting me.

    After a very long and very stressful day on co-op, I had a meeting for Homecoming, and then went to the opening of two time capsules to celebrate Curry Student Center’s 50th Anniversary.  As Curry is basically where I spend most of my time, it was so cool to see all the history behind it. I severely nerded out seeing all of the things put in the time capsule from 1964 Northeastern students, as well as 1994. 

    After that I had chapter for my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon.  As you may know from previous posts, I recently joined a sorority last spring semester. While seemingly cliche, it was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made here at college. I’m surrounded by such inspiring, kind, and downright hilarious ladies that have quickly transitioned from essentially strangers to amazing friends. Being a sister of a sorority was something I had always wanted to do, and I’m so happy I took the leap of faith to finally join. I’m always happy to answer any questions about FSL, so let me know!

    Today was another long day at work, but I got to meet with one of the top executives, which is always a treat. I love the visibility I have at co-op, and how accepting top leadership is of little ol’ me - a mere college student. I also (surprisingly) won a gift card during a workshop with one of my highest bosses, so hellooooo shopping trip this weekend (I deserve it, right? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway). 

    Work was of course followed by a schedule jammed with homecoming work and getting to know the new members of my sorority at dinner. One of the best parts about Northeastern’s campus is its proximity to so many different restaurants, although for some reason I just can’t quit Panera. Have questions about living in Boston? Happy to help!

    I cannot believe tomorrow is Thursday already, and I could not be happier. One day closer to heading home for the long weekend! 

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    A Week-Long Glimpse Into the Life of a Northeastern Student: Monday

    I’m baaaaack!

    Monday’s are rough. No way to sugarcoat that. Co-op flew by, which was awesome and helped me power through the Monday blues. I’m so excited about all of the opportunities my co-op has given me so far, and can’t believe that I’m halfway through.  If you need to find me after December 19, I’ll probably be off moping around/crying because I miss Staples so much. 

    Monday’s are always typically made better by the nice little gap of time I have to myself in between getting home from work at 5 and my meeting at 7:30. Today I was feeling especially grateful because I snuck in much needed/much deserved nap. This was followed by dinner at the dining hall (shoutout to Steston East - and further proof that the dining hall food at NU is quite good since I’m a junior and still actively use my meal plan) and catching up with friends. 

    I then headed to my Homecoming meeting. As you’ve probably seen me write in the past, Homecoming has been a major part of my life since we started our planning sessions back in August. Since Homecoming is just over a month away, we’re starting to buckle down and really get the ball rolling on our event planning and nailing down details.  Being Marketing Chair really has become my second full-time job, but I love doing it.  

    Homecoming at Northeastern isn’t like other schools (mainly because we don’t have a football team), but that doesn’t stop us from having lots of different events. Want to see what it’s like? Shameless plug comin’ atcha in 3…2…1…go

    It’s been a very very long day, so I’m being a Grandma and calling it a night. Stay tuned for the lovely world of Fraternity & Sorority Life tomorrow!

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    Sunday Funday: Best Brunch in Boston

    Things that are very very important:


    Sunday Funday: Best Brunch in Boston

    aabrunchSunday is the best day of the week! Why? Because brunch. Who doesn’t love sleeping in, heading to your favorite spot in town, and indulging in a stack of pancakes topped with real maple syrup? Below are some of the best brunch spots in Boston, a few favorite dishes, and some awesome brunch-worthy cocktails (for those of you who are 21+). Call up some of your friends and make this Sunday (and…

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    A Week-Long Glimpse Into the Life of a Northeastern Student: Sunday

    Hi all!

    So in an attempt to give you a better feel for what it’s like to be a Northeastern student, I’m going to give you a glimpse into my life for an entire week. Not that I think I’m overly cool or anything (but if you think so, I won’t argue it), but I thought it may help you better picture your life here at Northeastern.

    So let’s begin, shall we?

    We’ll start with Sunday.  Today is one of my favorite days of the whole semester- and that is Husky Ambassador training.  Although it’s a long day full of lots of talking and energy and spreading of ideas, it’s incredibly rewarding. At a lot of schools, being a tour guide is a paid position. Yet at Northeastern, we’re all student volunteers, and all are apart of HA because we truly feel so passionate about the school and Northeastern’s mission. I’ve known I wanted to be a tour guide at Northeastern since I went on my first tour during my junior year of high school.  I had such a positive experience, and obviously fell in love with the school, so I wanted to directly impact other students the way my tour guide impacted me. So Anthony (oops, I remembered his name all the way from 2009), if you’re out there - you rule. 

    Being in Husky Development Committee is such a great honor because I get to help shape the future HAs, which is so cool. Whether we’re listening to keynote speakers, teaching the tour route, answering tough questions for candy, or casually chatting over pizza, it’s a great way to get to know my peers and serve as a mentor. This is my second semester as a Husky Development Mentor and I love every second of it.

    Obviously I could talk about HA and my crazystupidawesome obsession with it all day, but….lucky for you, I won’t.  But it’s how I spent 8 hours of my day today (which totally flew by).

    Since that took up most of my Sunday, now I get to deal with the really thrilling stuff: 

    • Laundry laundry laundry
    • Cleaning my apartment
    • Contemplating going grocery shopping but getting Chinese food delivered instead
    • Binge watching all the Scandal I’ve missed this season
    • Lots of stuff for Homecoming

    More on Homecoming tomorrow, as that’s when our meetings are held. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into this absolutely gorgeous fall Sunday that I got to spend with some awesome fellow Huskies. 

    Until next time!

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    Fall weather is starting in Boston…which makes for a very happy Jessica. 

    Get ready to see an abundance of fall photos of Boston/Northeastern coming to a computer screen near you very soon (once I finally put my pumpkin hot chocolate down).

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Hello fellow nerds!

A new school year is approaching, and since I have to nail my A* this year I put together a masterpost with helpful links and tips that I have gathered throughout my school years. Good luck this year: you´ll do just fine!

1. Learn ´em languages

Learn terms and glossary in Quizlet.
Learn a language for free on Duolingo.
Learn a language for free on Busuu.
Oxford Dictionaries.
Games and fun activities for English learners.
Irregular English verbs.

2. Do your research

Google scholar.
You can learn anything (KhanAcademy).
Didn´t listen in class? (Crash Course).
Simple Wikipedia.
Learn littérature without having to read it (SparkNotes).
Wolfram Aplha.
Open 2 study. (Online studying) 
Free college courses.

3. Learn how to write like a God

10 practical tips for writing better exam essays.
Writing an essay.
Harvard writing resources.
Writing application essays.
Writing a personal statement.
Genre characteristics.
Writing a literary analysis essay.
Answering essay questions.
Get feedback.
Bibliography maker.
What is the word you´re looking for?

4. Oh yes sweet reading

8 tips to remember what you read.
How to read Shakespeare.
Effective reading and note-taking.
How to take notes while reading.
Note taking tips.
170 free textbooks.
1000 free textbooks.

5. Get your studying and organization game on

Time Management
Get your school life in order with organization.
Reach your goals.
Goals worksheet.
Finding information on the internet.
Using sources.
Get a hold on mind mapping.
How do you learn best?
Sound without music (Such as cafes).
Make flashcards.

6. Stress and anxiety management because school is stressful

Coping strategies.
Stress reduction tips.
Stress relief for students.
Managing test anxiety.
Dealing with test anxiety.
Self help: Keeping calm.
Introverts in college.
Coping and calming down. N.1
Coping and calming down. N.2
Do nothing for two minutes. 

7. Go get ´em tests

Study skills for test taking.
Study tips for finals.
Multiple choice exams guide.
The seven days study plan.
15 steps to success.
How to prepare for a test.
Checklist for essay tests.

8. Classroom participation - because teachers love that shit

Active listening.
Classroom discussions.
Presenting projects in the classroom.
Preparation before class.
Participating tips.

9. Software and pages for us nerdy kids

Openoffice and Libreoffice.
Google docs.
Prezi (Fore presentations.)
Grade calculator.
Grammar check.
Staying focused for Mac, Chrome and Firefox.
Plagiarism check.
Best apps for students masterpost.
Homework help.

10. Yo! Take some time to care ´bout yo´self

100 000 stars.
Workout masterpost.
Movie masterpost of masterposts.
Self-help masterpost.
Learn and do yoga.
Learn to play guitar.
The thoughts room.
Disney games because hell yeah.


    Hello fellow nerds!

    A new school year is approaching, and since I have to nail my A* this year I put together a masterpost with helpful links and tips that I have gathered throughout my school years. Good luck this year: you´ll do just fine!

    1. Learn ´em languages
    2. Do your research
    3. Learn how to write like a God
    4. Oh yes sweet reading
    5. Get your studying and organization game on
    6. Stress and anxiety management because school is stressful
    7. Go get ´em tests
    8. Classroom participation - because teachers love that shit
    9. Software and pages for us nerdy kids
    10. Yo! Take some time to care ´bout yo´self

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